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+# CBR Schedule
+So my church has a Bible reading plan called Community Bible Reading.
+It had been the practice up until 2018 for them to release the yearly
+reading plan as a downloadable PDF file, but as of February 2018 that
+hasn't happened. I wrote this utility to fill the gap.
+Currently available export formats are:
+1. JSON (machine-readable so you can do what you want with it)
+2. Formatted text file
+Other export formats on the roadmap:
+1. LaTeX (for generating PDF files, or other similar formats, assuming
+ you have access to the LaTeX suite)
+2. CSV (for importing into spreadsheets)
+# Usage
+A Makefile would be nice, I'll get one of those up soon too. In the
+meantime, the process will be a bit manual. Take the following example:
+./generate_readings sections/old_testament.in
+./generate_readings sections/new_testament.in
+./generate_readings sections/psalms.in
+./generate_schedule output.txt
+The final result of these commands would be a file called `output.txt`
+that contains
+# License
+MIT - See the [LICENSE](/LICENSE) file for more information