dag: Djmoch's Auto Generator

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DAG - Djmoch's Automatic Generator

usage: dag [-Vhv] [-f file]

Dag copies file trees from the input directories to the output
directory. Before reaching their destination, files are filtered
according to the rules declared in a file (default: Dagfile) in the
working directory.

usage: %dagindex-Vh
	dagindex -A [-x] -t title -s slug -p date_published [-a author]
		[-u date_updated] [-c category] [-d description]
	dagindex -G -o fmt [-t title] [-f fqdn] [-d description]
		[-r rss_url] [-l language] [-c copyright]

Dagindex maintains a database of index entries and refers to the
database in order to create index files. Index files can be either
HTML for XML formatted (for a landing page and sitemap/RSS feed,
respectively). In generate mode (-G), output files are sent to


Dag, though perhaps reminiscent of make(1), is designed as a more
targeted solution for generating static websites and the like.


Dag is very alpha. The design and/or implementation is subject to
major overhaul without notice.