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the-mozilla-foundation-on-a-healthy-internet.md (1730B)

      1 title: The Mozilla Foundation On A Healthy Internet
      2 author: Daniel Moch
      3 copyright: 2018, Daniel Moch
      4 date: 2018-04-11 06:40:06 UTC-04:00
      5 category: technology
      6 description: Mozilla's report calls out Web illiteracy as a major problem
      8 Sean Gallagher over at Ars Technica
      9 [reported](https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2018/04/mozilla-foundation-report-details-decline-in-health-of-internet)
     10 yesterday on the 2018 [Internet Health
     11 Report](https://internethealthreport.org/2018/), which Mozilla puts
     12 together. I'm linking the article in addition to the report itself
     13 because Sean does such a great job summarizing it. Of course I also
     14 think the Report itself is important, and I particularly like the
     15 metrics it uses to gauge how healthy the Internet is.
     17 Gallagher summarizes the report's concerns this way:
     19    Of particular concern were three issues:
     21    - Consolidation of power over the Internet, particularly by Facebook,
     22      Google, Tencent, and Amazon.
     23    - The spread of "fake news," which the report attributes in part to
     24      the "broken online advertising economy" that provides financial
     25      incentive for fraud, misinformation, and abuse.
     26    - The threat to privacy posed by the poor security of the Internet of
     27      Things.
     29 I'd point out that the Report itself alludes to another concern, and
     30 it's one that I hope to give a lot of attention to in my writing here,
     31 and that's the topic of Web literacy. As I hope to explain in future
     32 posts, I think there's a reciprocal relationship between the problems
     33 above and Web literacy, which is to say the problems above are both made
     34 worse by Web *illiteracy*, and at the same time make Web illiteracy
     35 worse.
     37 For now I'll put that out there as food for thought.