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diff --git a/pages/projects.rst b/pages/projects.rst @@ -60,15 +60,15 @@ Here's a list of things I'm working on in my personal time. to navigate to my user profile over there. There are also a variety of less mature Arch PKGBUILDs on my `personal Git site`_. -.. _Vim MakeJob: https://git.danielmoch.com/vim-makejob.git -.. _CBR Schedule: https://git.danielmoch.com/cbr-schedule.git -.. _NextCloud Notes Command Line Interface (nncli): https://git.danielmoch.com/nncli.git +.. _Vim MakeJob: https://git.danielmoch.com/vim-makejob.git/about +.. _CBR Schedule: https://git.danielmoch.com/cbr-schedule.git/about +.. _NextCloud Notes Command Line Interface (nncli): https://git.danielmoch.com/nncli.git/about .. _NewCity Orlando: http://newcityorlando.com .. _here: /static/cbr.pdf .. _Python: https://python.org .. _sncli: https://github.com/insanum/sncli -.. _Hookmeup: https://git.danielmoch.com/hookmeup.git -.. _Vim Runtime: https://git.danielmoch.com/vim-runtime.git +.. _Hookmeup: https://git.danielmoch.com/hookmeup.git/about +.. _Vim Runtime: https://git.danielmoch.com/vim-runtime.git/about .. _Vim: http://vim.org .. _Arch Linux User Repository: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/?SeB=m&K=djmoch .. _Arch Linux: https://archlinux.org