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Contribution Guide

Thanks for your interest in contributing to DGit. This guide attempts to document everything you need to know to participate in the development community. As with everything else in this repository, suggestions to this guide are welcome.

Community Guidelines

Given that the DGit community is still in the early stages of formation, community guidelines have yet to be rigidly codified. For the time being, the following general expectations should be considered normative:

Getting Started

To get started with the code, you will need to clone it.

$ git clone

Changes should pass the test suite before submission to the mailing list. We use Taskfiles as our task runner.

$ task

Discussion and Requests

All discussion takes place on the public mailing list, The list's archive can be found at Emails can be sent to the following addresses to manage your subscription to the mailing list.

Patches are welcome. If you are unfamiliar with how to submit code for review via email, see


Releases should eventually land on the Go module proxies after they are tagged. Signed source tarballs are maintained at Instructions for verifying tarballs are in the README file at the previous link.