at main in dgitRefs

12/23/23171086fgo.mod: bump go-git dependency
12/11/235e32f18assets: remove img border-radius from site.css
12/10/23394d5baREADME: add reference badge
12/10/23860d41dadd support for Markdown
12/10/239958c10templates: add VCS autodiscovery tags
12/10/23cb4656cdeps: upgrade go-git to v5.11.0
12/10/235306ceeupgrade to Go 1.21
12/10/233676138taskfile: add goimports
12/10/237a4b4f7go mod tidy
11/27/238401b4cCONTRIBUTING: point folks to git-send-email.io
11/27/232480708CHANGELOG: Document smart protocol support
11/19/23f8c3282doc: document support for both transfer protocols
11/18/231f850d1dgit: add support for "smart" Git HTTP transport
11/17/23e705bd1fix CHANGELOG
11/10/232e88164Taskfile: s/go/{{.GO}}/g
11/10/238ae21c3Migrate all.bash to Taskfile.yml
11/06/2330fc110Bump version
11/06/231be0c43dgit v0.1.0
11/06/239cdea36cmd/dgit: Line numbers are not user-selectable
11/06/23de3891aNormalize 'go generate' behavior
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