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commit 01405d7b6b9ec983dcd6aa3d4434f8ece9f08481
parent 19939cf256613002c14b355bb70560b6f2372829
Author: Daniel Moch <>
Date:   Tue, 23 Jan 2018 21:28:05 -0500

Add Vifm config

A.config/vifm/colors/apprentice.vifm | 22++++++++++++++++++++++
A.config/vifm/vifmrc | 101+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
2 files changed, 123 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diff --git a/.config/vifm/colors/apprentice.vifm b/.config/vifm/colors/apprentice.vifm @@ -0,0 +1,22 @@ +highlight clear + +highlight Win cterm=none ctermfg=default ctermbg=default +highlight Directory cterm=bold ctermfg=110 ctermbg=default +highlight Link cterm=bold ctermfg=65 ctermbg=default +highlight BrokenLink cterm=bold ctermfg=black ctermbg=208 +highlight Socket cterm=bold ctermfg=60 ctermbg=default +highlight Device cterm=bold ctermfg=229 ctermbg=default +highlight Fifo cterm=none ctermfg=101 ctermbg=black +highlight Executable cterm=bold ctermfg=65 ctermbg=default +highlight Selected cterm=bold ctermfg=131 ctermbg=default +highlight CurrLine cterm=bold,reverse ctermfg=default ctermbg=default +highlight TopLine cterm=none ctermfg=234 ctermbg=101 +highlight TopLineSel cterm=none ctermfg=black ctermbg=default +highlight StatusLine cterm=none ctermfg=234 ctermbg=101 +highlight WildMenu cterm=none ctermfg=234 ctermbg=101 +highlight CmdLine cterm=none ctermfg=default ctermbg=default +highlight ErrorMsg cterm=none ctermfg=red ctermbg=black +highlight Border cterm=none ctermfg=238 ctermbg=238 +highlight JobLine cterm=bold,reverse ctermfg=black ctermbg=white +highlight SuggestBox cterm=bold ctermfg=default ctermbg=default +highlight CmpMismatch cterm=bold ctermfg=white ctermbg=red diff --git a/.config/vifm/vifmrc b/.config/vifm/vifmrc @@ -0,0 +1,101 @@ +" vim: ft=vifm + +set vicmd=$EDITOR +set trash +set history=100 +set followlinks +set fastrun +set sortnumbers +set undolevels=100 +set vimhelp +set norunexec +set noiec +colorscheme apprentice +set timefmt=%m/%d\ %H:%M +set wildmenu +set wildstyle=bar +set suggestoptions=normal,visual,view,otherpane,keys,marks,registers +set ignorecase +set smartcase +set hlsearch +set incsearch +set scrolloff=4 +if !has('win') + set slowfs=curlftpfs +endif +set statusline=" Hint: %z%= %A %10u:%-7g %15s %20d " + +" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ + +" :mark mark /full/directory/path [filename] + +mark b ~/bin/ +mark h ~/ + +" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ + +" :com[mand][!] command_name action +" The following macros can be used in a command +" %a is replaced with the user arguments. +" %c the current file under the cursor. +" %C the current file under the cursor in the other directory. +" %f the current selected file, or files. +" %F the current selected file, or files in the other directory. +" %b same as %f %F. +" %d the current directory name. +" %D the other window directory name. +" %m run the command in a menu window + +command! df df -h %m 2> /dev/null +command! diff vim -d %f %F +command! zip zip -r %f +command! run !! ./%f +command! make !!make %a +command! mkcd :mkdir %a | cd %a +command! vgrep vim "+grep %a" +command! reload :write | restart + +fileviewer *.pdf pdftotext %c - +fileviewer *.mp3 mp3info +fileviewer *.flac soxi +fileviewer *.avi,*.mp4,*.wmv,*.dat,*.3gp,*.ogv,*.mkv,*.mpg,*.mpeg,*.vob, + \*.fl[icv],*.m2v,*.mov,*.webm,*.ts,*.mts,*.m4v,*.r[am],*.qt,*.divx, + \*.as[fx] + \ ffprobe -pretty %c 2>&1 +fileviewer *.[1-8] man ./%c | col -b +fileviewer *.bmp,*.jpg,*.jpeg,*.png,*.gif,*.xpm + \ convert -identify %f -verbose /dev/null +fileviewer *.rar unrar v %c +fileviewer *.tar.gz,*.tar.gz,*.tar.xz + \ tar -tf %c, +fileviewer */ + \ ls --color=force -lA %c, +filetype *.md5 + \ {Check MD5 hash sum} + \ md5sum -c %f %S, +filetype *.sha1 + \ {Check SHA1 hash sum} + \ sha1sum -c %f %S, +filetype *.sha256 + \ {Check SHA256 hash sum} + \ sha256sum -c %f %S, +filetype *.sha512 + \ {Check SHA512 hash sum} + \ sha512sum -c %f %S, +filetype *.asc + \ {Check signature} + \ !!gpg --verify %c, +filetype * + \ {Open with my-open} + \ my open %c + +set vifminfo=dhistory,savedirs,chistory,state,tui,shistory, + \phistory,fhistory,dirstack,registers,bookmarks,bmarks + +nnoremap s :shell<cr> +nnoremap S :sort<cr> +nnoremap w :view<cr> +vnoremap w :view<cr>gv +nnoremap o :!vim %f<cr> +nnoremap ,t :!my term &<cr> +nnoremap rc :write | edit $MYVIFMRC | restart<cr>