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diff --git a/README.md b/README.md @@ -234,6 +234,27 @@ Note that sncli still stores all the notes data in the directory specified by `cfg_db_path`, so for easy backups, it may be easier/quicker to simply backup this entire directory. +### Tags + +Note tags can be modified directly from the command line. Example: + +``` +# Retrieve note tags, as one comma-separated string (e.g. "tag1,tag2") +sncli -k somekeyid tag get # Returns "tag1,tag2" + +# Add a tag to a note, if it doesn't already have it +sncli -k somekeyid tag add "tag4" # Now tagged as "tag2,tag3,tag4" + +# Remove a tag from a note +sncli -k somekeyid tag rm "tag3" # Now tagged as "tag2,tag4" + +# Overwrite all of the tags for a note +sncli -k somekeyid tag set "tag2,tag3" # Now tagged as "tag2,tag3" +``` + +Note that in SimpleNote, tags are case-insensitive, so "TAG2", "tag2", and +"tAg2" are interpreted as the same and will all be converted to lowercase. + ### Tricks