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diff --git a/README.md b/README.md @@ -1,4 +1,101 @@ sncli ===== -Simplenote CLI +Simplenote Command Line Interface + +sncli is a Python application that gives you access to your Simplenote account via the command line. You can access your notes via a customizable console GUI that implements vi-like keybinds or via a simple command line interface that you can script. + +Notes can be viewed/created/edited in *both an* **online** *and* **offline** *mode*. All changes are saved to a local cache on disk and automatically sync'ed when sncli is brought online. + +**Pull requests are welcome!** + +Check your OS distribution for installation packages. + +### Requirements + +* [Python 2](http://python.org) +* [Urwid](http://urwid.org) Python 2 module +* A love for the command line! + +### Features + +* Console GUI + - full two-way sync with Simplenote performed dynamically in the background + - all actions logged and easily reviewed + - list note titles (configurable format w/ title, date, flags, tags, keys, etc) + - sort notes by date, alpha by title, pinned on top + - search for notes using a Google style search pattern or Regular Expression + - view note contents and meta data + - view and restore previous versions of notes + - pipe note contents to external command + - create and edit notes (using your editor) + - edit note tags + - trash/untrash notes + - pin/unpin notes + - flag notes as markdown or not + - vi-like keybinds (fully configurable) + - Colors! (fully configurable) +* Command Line (scripting) + - force a full two-way sync with Simplenote + - all actions logged and easily reviewed + - list note titles and keys + - search for notes using a Google style search pattern or Regular Expression + - dump note contents + - create a new note (via stdin or editor) + - edit a note (via editor) + - trash/untrash a note + - pin/unpin a note + - flag note as markdown or not + +### HowTo + +``` +Usage: + sncli [OPTIONS] [COMMAND] [COMMAND_ARGS] + + OPTIONS: + -h, --help - usage help + -v, --verbose - verbose output (cli mode) + -n, --nosync - don't perform a server sync + -r, --regex - search string is a regular expression + -k <key>, --key=<key> - note key + -t <title>, --title=<title> - title of note for create (cli mode) + + COMMANDS: + <none> - console gui mode when no command specified + sync - perform a full sync with the server + list [search_string] - list notes (refined with search string) + dump [search_string] - dump notes (refined with search string) + create [-] - create a note ('-' content from stdin) + dump - dump a note (specified by <key>) + edit - edit a note (specified by <key>) + < trash | untrash > - trash/untrash a note (specified by <key>) + < pin | unpin > - pin/unpin a note (specified by <key>) + < markdown | unmarkdown > - markdown/unmarkdown a note (specified by <key>) +``` + +#### Configuration + +The current Simplenote API does not support oauth authentication so your Simplenote account information must live in the configuration file. Please be sure to protect this file. + +sncli pulls in configuration from the `.snclirc` file located in your $HOME directory. At the very least, the following example `.snclirc` will get you going (using your account information): + +``` +[sncli] +cfg_sn_username = lebowski@thedude.com +cfg_sn_username = nihilist +``` + +Start sncli with no arguments which starts the console GUI mode. sncli with start sync'ing all your existing notes and you'll see log messages at the bottom of the console. You can view these log messages at any time by pressing the 'l' key. + +View the help by pressing 'h'. Here you'll see all the keybinds and configuration items. The middle column shows the config name that can be used in your `.snclirc` to overide the default setting. + +#### Colors + +sncli utilizes the Python [Uwrid](http://urwid.org) module to implement the console user interface. + +At this time, sncli does not yet support 256-color terminals and is limited to just 16-colors. Color names that can be specified in the `.snclirc` file are listed [here](http://urwid.org/manual/displayattributes.html#standard-foreground-colors). + +### Thanks + +This application pulls in and uses the [simplenote.py](https://github.com/mrtazz/simplenote.py) module by [mrtazz](https://github.com/mrtazz) and the [notes_db.py](https://github.com/cpbotha/nvpy/blob/master/nvpy/notes_db.py) module from [nvpy](https://github.com/cpbotha/nvpy) by [cpbotha](https://github.com/cpbotha).