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      1 xss-lock: xss-lock  hooks  up your favorite locker to the MIT screen saver
      2 xss-lock: extension for X and also to systemd's login manager. The locker is
      3 xss-lock: executed in response to events from these two sources:
      4 xss-lock:
      5 xss-lock: - X signals when screen saver activation is forced or after a period
      6 xss-lock: of user inactivity (as set with xset s TIMEOUT). In the latter case,
      7 xss-lock: the notifier command, if specified, is executed first.
      8 xss-lock:
      9 xss-lock: - The  login  manager can also request that the session be locked;
     10 xss-lock: as a result of loginctl lock-sessions, for example. Additionally,
     11 xss-lock: xss-lock uses the  inhibition logic to lock the screen before the
     12 xss-lock: system goes to sleep.
     13 xss-lock:
     14 xss-lock: xss-lock waits for the locker to exit -- or kills it when screen
     15 xss-lock: saver deactivation  or  session  unlocking is forced -- so the command
     16 xss-lock: should not fork.
     17 xss-lock:
     18 xss-lock: Also, xss-lock manages the idle hint on the  login  session.  The  idle
     19 xss-lock: state of the session is directly linked to user activity as reported
     20 xss-lock: by X (except when the notifier runs before locking the screen).
     21 xss-lock: When  all sessions  are idle, the login manager can take action
     22 xss-lock: (such as suspending the system) after a preconfigured delay.
     23 xss-lock:
     24 xss-lock:
     25 xss-lock: