My own personal Vim colorscheme
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      1 # vim-djmoch
      3 My own, personal colorscheme.
      5 ## Description
      7 If you're looking for a beautiful colorscheme for Vim with beautiful,
      8 well-balanced colors, then you should look elsewhere. If you want a
      9 dark, low-contrast theme for your editor, this isn't for you. If you
     10 want something that the author _didn't_ just name after himself, then
     11 I'm sorry.
     13 The several goals of __vim-djmoch__ are as follows:
     15 1. High contrast, for readability.
     16 2. Black-on-white, which is more natural to the eye.
     17 3. I'm somewhat attached to the shade of blue, so that's used as an
     18    accent.
     20 Beyond those goals, the author reserves every right to make sudden,
     21 radical changes without warning. The hope is that it will stabilize over
     22 time, but as of September 2019 it's brand new and should be considered
     23 unstable (or worse).
     25 ## License
     27 djmoch.vim is distributed under the same terms as Vim itself (see :help
     28 license). djmoch.erb and Makefile are either derived or copied from
     29 [vim-rnb]( and so carry forward that
     30 project's MIT license (see
     31 [LICENSE.rnb](