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12/20/18e5215beBump version
12/19/181bb7309Fix git URL's
12/08/18174abbfAdd git-format-patch comment
12/07/18b6a87dcTweak README
12/07/181b436e2Add license to plugin script
12/07/18093aa1cUpdate license
12/07/18a6cdf55Add todo
12/07/183882671Add TODO
12/07/1818c2809Fix mapping error
07/30/184bf51a1Remove trailing whitespace
05/22/18150b4beSeveral bugfixes
05/14/18cf096e4Preliminary fix for missing window
03/10/189bb9ffaUpdate version information
03/10/185c8d095Fix error while using with multiple tab pages
02/14/1867995daFix modeline
12/22/178d39e0bRelease 1.3
12/22/178617e04Fix location of preview buffer for QuickFix
12/22/1791cfe22Set shiftwidth in modeline
12/22/17e542e9dAdd AUR package to README
11/27/176f8cf9aMerge branch 'show_exiteval'
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