Minimal, asynchronous quickfix commands for Vim 8.0
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diff --git a/doc/makejob.txt b/doc/makejob.txt @@ -0,0 +1,33 @@ +*makejob.txt* Minimal, asynchronous make and lmake for Neovim + +Author: Daniel Moch <> +License: MIT (see LICENSE file for details) + +INTRODUCTION *makejob* *nvim-makejob* + +There are plenty of other build solutions for Vim and Neovim, many of them +offering feature sets that overlap with those the editor already offers. With +minimalism as a goal, MakeJob implements asynchronous |:make| and |:lmake| for +Neovim in just over 100 lines of Vimscript. + +Here are your new make commands. + + *makejob-MakeJob* +MakeJob [{bufname}] Start a makejob on the specified buffer, + populating findings in the quickfix list. + |makeprg| and |errorformat| must be set before + MakeJob is called. {bufname}, if specified, is the + name of the file to make, and is appended to the + end of |makeprg|. MakeJob currently only expands + the special character % (see |_%|). + + *makejob-LmakeJob* +LmakeJob [{bufname}] Same as ":MakeJob", except the location list for + the current window is used instead of the quickfix + list. + +ABOUT *makejob-about* + +More details can be found in or by navigating to: + +