You're lazy. Let Vim decide your split directions.
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -0,0 +1,62 @@ +# VIM-SMARTSPLIT + +You're lazy. Let Vim decide your split directions. + +## Summary + +Yeah, you're aware of `split`/`vsplit`, `new`/`vnew` and the like. You +use them because you have to, but you know there must be a better way. +This is it. + +Vim, given it's old pedigree, tacitly assumes a standard terminal width +of around 80 characters. In this environment it makes sense for Vim to +assume any command that divides the current window should divide +horizonally. But our monitors are often capable of more than twice the +width of an old terminal, so this doesn't make sense any more. + +One sensible option, which this plugin adopts, is to make a best-guess +at the width of the text displayed in the current window (see +`'textwidth'`). Then operations should default to vertical if there is +enough horizonal room to display two splits side-by-side. + +This plugin provides `:Help`, `:Split`, `:New`, and `:Buffer` commands +to replace their lower-case counterparts. It also sets `'diffopt'` to +split in either a horizontal or vertical direction, again depending on +the horizontal space available. + +## Installation + +It's 2019, and the only sensible option for package management in Vim's +built-in manager. If you've never used it before, here's the summary +(adapted from `:help packages`). + +``` +cd .vim +mkdir -p pack/foo/start +cd pack/foo/start +git clone +``` + +If you're stuck on an old version of Vim without support for packages, +then I recommend using [Pathogen]( +to fill the gap, in which case the installation is the same. + +## Usage + +There aren't any tricks here. Just use `:Help`, `:Split`, `:Buffer`, and +`:New` instead of their lower-case counterparts. + +## License + +This plugin is made available under the same license as Vim itself. + +## Contributing + +This plugin will never do anything more fancy than it already does, but +the current maintainer is prone to stupid mistakes, so if you find any +bugs feel free to submit patches via email to the address listed in +`:help vim-smartsplit`. + +If you're unfamiliar with the Git email workflow, I recommend +[]( as a good place to learn +the basics.