hookmeup: A Git hook to automate your Pipenv and Django workflow

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Hook Me Up

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A Git hook to automate your Pipenv and Django workflows



The hook detects if Pipenv and/or Django are in use in the current repo, so you don't need to be using both to take advantage of Hookmeup.


$ pip install hookmeup
$ hookmeup install

More details are available by running hookmeup --help.


Pull requests are welcome, preferably via emailed output of git request-pull sent to the maintainer (see here for more information). Bug reports should also be directed to the maintainer via email.


Release tags will always be signed with the maintainer's PGP key (also available on any public keyserver). PGP-signed versions of release tarballs and pre-built wheel packages are available on PyPI, with the signature files living alongside the corresponding artifact (simply append an .asc extension). Because the maintainers of PyPI do not consider PGP signatures to be a user-facing feature, the extension must be added manually in your browser's URL bar in order to download the signature files.


hookmeup is inspired by Tim Pope's hookup utility for Ruby/Rails (and hence so is the name).