Repositories (migrated to Github)

dgitDjmoch's Git Viewer
go-shrtShortlinks and go-get redirects
dotfilesObligatory dotfiles repo
nncliNextCloud Notes Command Line Interface
apkbuildPersonal packages and WIP for Alpine Linux
shrtShortlinks and go-get redirects - C Version
openbsd-portsOpenBSD Ports customizations and WIP
backupA simple system backup utility
dagDjmoch's Auto Generator
py9pfactotumThe factotum module implements the plan9port auth library
danielmoch.comStatic site for
xhotplugRun arbirary commands in response to newly connected X11 displays
slstatusCustom version of the Suckless status monitor
update-motdDynamically update /etc/motd without relying on pam_motd
vim-djmochMy own personal Vim colorscheme
vim-smartsplitYou're lazy. Let Vim decide your split directions.
vim-makejobMinimal, asynchronous quickfix commands for Vim 8.0
hookmeupA Git hook to automate your Pipenv and Django workflow
vim-runtimeRuntime files for vim