apkbuildPersonal packages and WIP for Alpine LinuxDaniel Moch3 months
backupA simple system backup utilityDaniel Moch4 months
buildbotBuildbot configurationsDaniel Moch4 years
cbr-scheduleAn unofficial Bible-reading-plan generatorDaniel Moch4 years
cookiecutter-flitA Cookiecutter template for a Flit packageDaniel Moch5 years
dagDjmoch's Auto GeneratorDaniel Moch6 months
danielmoch.comStatic site for www.danielmoch.comDaniel Moch15 months
dotfilesObligatory dotfiles repoDaniel Moch6 months
go-shrtShortlinks and go-get redirectsDaniel Moch14 months
hookmeupA Git hook to automate your Pipenv and Django workflowDaniel Moch4 years
nncliNextCloud Notes Command Line InterfaceDaniel Moch3 months
openbsd-portsOpenBSD Ports customizations and WIPDaniel Moch4 months
py9pfactotumThe factotum module implements the plan9port auth libraryDaniel Moch14 months
remote-configRemote administration scripts for Arch LinuxDaniel Moch4 years
shrtShortlinks and go-get redirects - C VersionDaniel Moch4 months
slackbuildsPersonal Slackbuilds in the style of slackbuilds.orgDaniel Moch3 years
slstatusCustom version of the Suckless status monitorDaniel Moch3 years
update-motdDynamically update /etc/motd without relying on pam_motdDaniel Moch3 years
vim-djmochMy own personal Vim colorschemeDaniel Moch3 years
vim-makejobMinimal, asynchronous quickfix commands for Vim 8.0Daniel Moch4 years
vim-runtimeRuntime files for vimDaniel Moch5 years
vim-smartsplitYou're lazy. Let Vim decide your split directions.Daniel Moch3 years
xhotplugRun arbirary commands in response to newly connected X11 displaysDaniel Moch3 years