go-shrt: Shortlinks and go-get redirects

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This is a URL shortener. There are many like it, but this is mine. Try
putting all the vowels in "shrt" and enjoy yourself!

Also handles go-get redirects.

HTTP Handler

This Go http.Handler module is imported as djmo.ch/go-shrt.

To use, initialize Shrt with a shrt.Config objec. Drop this Handler
into your site's http.ServeMux and start serving shortlinks and go-get

CLI Reference Implementation

The command line interface (CLI) in this repository is useful if you
wish to run Shrt as a standalone server. It can is installed in the
usual manner:

    $ go install djmo.ch/go-shrt/cmd/shrt@latest

From there you can run "shrt help" to read the CLI documentation.


ISC. See the LICNSE file for full copyright and license details.