at master in go-shrtRefs

12/09/235b31f80docs: document new env vars
12/09/23e29abc4add support for go-source meta tags
12/09/2308f6126task: add goimports, githook
12/09/23a9e5ca1fix staticcheck findings
11/10/2358c1a5adoc: Note safety of ShrtFile
11/03/23512d53eNormalize paths within fs.FS
10/28/23ba2537dImprove logging
10/27/23de8b8b0feat: Accept an FS rather than reading filesystem directly
10/25/23f5bf503feat: Refactor all the things
01/09/222f618bcAllow subdirectories for go-get requests
12/28/213ecf11fmain: Pass buffered chan to signal.Notify
12/23/204c260afBump version
12/23/205cfc98dshrt v0.2.2
12/23/208f4e832Makefile: make distclean more robust
12/23/2061d4ebfOnly call osInit when non-nil
12/22/20f27d332Add default version string for go-get
12/22/20df1d1e1Bump version
12/22/20f2b2082shrt v0.2.1
12/22/208dd3cc4openbsd: add dns perms to pledge(2)
12/22/20db78a0bListen on localhost by default
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